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Two Posts in One Day!

on October 14, 2014

New Helmet!

So, I think you might remember that I mentioned “biker chick” was one of my many ‘hats’. And speaking of hats…well, helmets, I finally got one of my very own…weeee! Yes, I am excited! I got my motorcycle license in 2006 and have been riding my husband’s first bike, a royal blue 2002 Suzuki Katana 600 sport bike with a yellow accent stripe. (shh, don’t judge me.) I have also been wearing his matching, old helmet since then….yeah, can we say LOOSE? A loose helmet is really annoying and uncomfortable but, hey I put up with it as long as I could. For several years, I have been on the search for a helmet that I really liked the color and decorative scheme on. Pink and black were the two main colors that I was looking for. Do you have any idea how many shades of pink there are?? Oh my goodness. There are pinks so light you have to squint to tell it is even pink and not white and then there are pinks that look more red or more purple. But, my holy grail of pink is hot pink. I just love hot pink and black together.

I remember when the new T-Mobile commercials came out with the girl, all dressed in black, on the pink and black sport bike, i was SO jealous! I have been wanting to get the Katana painted deep, shiny black with matte pink (hot pink) accents. That will be a story for another day…haha

I digress, I also found it difficult to find a pattern I liked. So many women’s helmets are either covered in butterflies and/or skulls or thick geometric patterns…eh, just not me. So, today, with some convincing from the hubby, I agreed to run over the the motorcycle store one more time to see what kind of helmets they carried this year. Well, lo and behold…this is the one I found at the bottom of the shelf!. As I walked around the display case to grab it, a guy snagged it from it little cubby to purchase it for his girlfriend!. Can you imagine my disdain to find out there were no more in stock?
After pacing around, grumbling for a few minutes, my dear spouse calmed me down enough to agree to try on the same type to make sure I ended up with the correct size and he ordered the helmet in my size. Alright, I am ok with waiting a few days.

30 minutes after we left and started our grocery shopping, we received a phone call saying they actually had the helmet in my size! Woot! What you see in the photo above is the result and I can hardly wait to go for a ride so, with that…see ya! Have a great weekend!


Nana Brown


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