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Remembering 9/11

on October 14, 2014


Thirteen years ago today, I was just beginning a career in property management as a leasing agent at an apartment complex in Bowling Green, KY. It was an exciting time for me because I had recently been told I was to be trained as an accredited manager of residential rental property.

That day began as any other Tuesday. I took care of preparing the office for the day, updated my prospect call log to follow up with prospective tenants, prepared all the lease renewal reminders and the new leases to be signed that day. It looked like it would be a fairly light work load for the day since the college students had already moved in during August and we were pretty much full.

Our two member maintenance team was out on the grounds picking up any trash, inspecting the buildings and parking lots as they did each morning. At 8:50, one of our guys came running into the office wide eyed and red faced yelling for us to turn on the radio, that we were being attacked in New York at the Trade Center. We didn’t have a radio in our leasing office and one of our residents, having followed our maintenance guy in, offered to loan us a small television. We all watched in horror for two hours as first one and then another building collapsed onto itself. I remember feeling more afraid during those moments than I have ever felt in my my life. Almost every resident on our small property came to the office that day, many were utterly terrified of what the repercussions of those blatant attacks meant for our great country. When the third airplane plowed into the Pentagon, many of us felt that our entire country was going to soon be under attack. We wondered if maybe Fort Knox would be next or possibly other large metropolitan areas such as Chicago and Atlanta. Every year, on this date, we as a country remember with great sadness the hundreds of innocent lives lost that day and in the weeks after.

We will never, ever forget.


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