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on October 14, 2014


So, this morning, I ventured out to my little garden, on the side of the house and gathered my first harvest! This is the third year for my 4′ x 8′ raised bed, organic garden. The first year was a huge success and I gave away so much! Last year, year two, felt like a dismal failure. We had way too much rain in April, May and June and my little patch was riddled with one problem after another. I think I had every squash problem known to man from vine borers to a mold issue you wouldn’t believe. I am not upset about though because this one small bed is my experiment for when we buy a home of our own and I can have a larger garden space.

Living in an HOA neighborhood puts a huge damper on the dreams of a wanna be homesteader. Every year, I expect the dreaded notice that we will have to remove our veggie garden because it violates some ignorant HOA rule, by-law or whatever they want to call their stupid manual governing the way you use your own home or yard. Anyone else have HOA nightmares? How do you feel about them?

But, really this post was supposed to be about my pretty lettuce. Does anyone else enjoy freshly picked, organic lettuce? In my honest opinion, there is simply no salad better than one you grew yourself. YUM!!


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