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…and the search is on!

on October 14, 2014


Roger and I moved to Lexington, KY in October 2006 and have been in the same house the entire time…a rental house. We are both in our late 40’s and neither of us has EVER owned a home. Isn’t that crazy??

Truth is, we both have had money problems in the past. Due to divorces, medical bills, me raising children alone, him paying huge amounts of child support; our credit scores took a nose dive straight into the dark and murky depths of a slimy swamp. Now, let me just tell you that climbing back out of that slimy swamp is no easy task.

We tried on our own for years and to be honest…we just kept failing. Finally, at the end of 2013, I heard of Dave Ramsey. Ok, NO this is not an advertisement, I am NOT getting paid to say this. I am only sharing OUR experience.

Roger and I, in an attempt to improve our marriage, starting attending church; first watching services via a live internet feed and then attending services at a church down the road. About this same time, I began listening to a Christian radio station during my drive to and from work every day. The station played a commercial for Financial Peace University. At first, I pretty much ignored it as just another hokey thing. Then I caught the Dave Ramsey show, one afternoon on my way to a late afternoon doctor appointment. The advice he was offering sounded so right. He sounded so real that I became intrigued and started paying attention and getting excited about the possibility of becoming debt free. I started doing research and finally decided to mention it to Roger. He too thought it might be worth checking into so, we bit the bullet and enrolled in a class to start in January 2014. We took the classes, followed the principals and are on our way to being debt free! We still have about a year to go but, for the first time in 10 years, we see it on the horizon!

Ok, back to the reason for this post!  We are finally on the hunt for a home and I am so flipping excited. We have been casually looking for about 5 years and have never found something we are both crazy about. Besides, we couldn’t have actually purchased a home because of our credit rating. I am sure we are not alone in wishing mortgage companies would look at the fact that we have NEVER paid our rent late. Anyway, I am about to digress again. We have been looking for homes in every county that borders the one we currently live in. We have learned that the cost of homes, land and taxes are much less expensive outside our county. Ok, we have no problems moving outside our county. The towns are fairly small and still close. There are five counties bordering ours and a couple that don’t but, we would still consider moving to. Over the past few years, we have searched all these areas without any luck.

Recently, Roger has decided to rejoin a volunteer fire department. He was a firefighter during his late teens, early 20’s in New York, where he grew up, and has always missed that camaraderie Our future son-in-law is a fire fighter and we have made a few friends who are with the fire departments around us.  Because they are with a certain county, we have now focused our attention on ONE county! FINALLY!!! Having chosen an area to concentrate our search has been good and bad. This happens to be the one area we never really considered moving to. How funny is that?

I thought I had found the absolute perfect house and we rode out there on the motorcycles this weekend only to be a bit disappointed. The back yard is too sloped and it is questionable if the road with be taken care of in the winter. It is 25 miles from where I work so, that is pretty important.  We also explored a few other neighborhood and nothing really appealed to us. We have decided that since we will likely live in the house for a very long time, we want it to be want we want and need. Some things can be overlooked if we can fairly easily fix or change them. However; some things are just plain old deal breakers. How about you? What was your house search like? Did you have things you would simply not bend on? Are there things you thought you would never bend on that you did? Please share your stories with us. We are so new to this home buying thing and would love to hear how it went for you!

So, once again…the search is still on!  Have a great weekend!


Nana Brown


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